ana villarreal

Howdy! My name is Ana Villarreal, I love my Lord Jesus Christ and I am determined to show his love in everything I do, wether that be in school, work, or on the field!

I attend the University of Texas at Dallas and I hope to one day be a computer animator for an animation studio in either the movie or video game industry. 

I have been playing soccer for 8 years, 4 of which on my high school’s varsity women’s team. I’ve also spent 4 years coaching at a summer soccer youth program run by my high school in which we teach ball skills, improve agility, and promote team work. I love the sport and I can’t wait to share all it has to offer to others. I’ve also helped to run many soccer nights at my Pathfinder Club sports nights which includes setting up matches, leader boards, reffing, and coaching. 

This will be my first year working at summer camp and I am ecstatic to be the soccer activity leader!