kimberly serratos

Hello I’m Kimberly and this will be my first year at Summer camp! I am excited to work with your kids this year. I have experience with kids through the missionary traveling I have participated in, all over South America. I am currently completing my college basics in Austin and am looking forward to completing dentistry school so I can set up my own practice. Meanwhile, as I continue to try to help the world I know we need to save, I find that investing time and attention to young children and adults will help shape their relationship with God during a valuable time in their life. One of my favorite bible verses is Romans 12:9-21 because it’s a gentle reminder of the Christian life style we should aspire to have to help ourselves and others. My hobbies range from writing to taking photos and traveling! I hope the kids can have a summer to remember and I feel lucky to be able to be a part of their experience! Summer Camp 2019 here we go!