• Be designated Massachusetts licensed physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant with pediatric training


  • To provide assistance to camp nurse and staff on how to maintain a safe and healthy camp for all campers, staff and guests


  • Review and approve camp health care policy annually
  • Approve any changes to the camp health care policy
  • Review and approve the first aid training of the staff
  • Be available for consultation at all times
  • Oversee the development of, and sign written standing orders to be followed by the on-site nurses and his/her staff in the administration of their related duties
  • Encouraged to do an on-site visit at least once a week to evaluate the overall health care program


1. Provide standing orders and drug administration
2. Be available for consultation with the camp nurse when needed.
3. Evaluate the overall health care program


  • Ability to effectively communicate medical directives to the camp medical staff



  • Be 21 years of age or older.
  • Must posses a current Texas RN license.
  • Must have current first aid and CPR certification.
  • Desire to work in a camp setting and have a love for children.


  • Nurse must coordinate health program in conjunction with the camp director.


  • To maintain a safe and healthy environment for campers, staff and guests

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITY (some apply only do Med. Dir., specified)

  • Annually review and update standing orders with head physician. (Med. Dir.)
  • Take inventory of all medication and supplies. (Med. Dir.)
  • Order and stock medication and supplies needed for the summer. (Med. Dir.)
  • Keep medical area clean and sanitary.
  • In conjunction with the office secretary, obtain current health examination forms for all campers, staff and volunteers.
  • Obtain copy of RN license and CPR card from each nurse. (Med. Dir.)
  • Conduct in-service training for new and returning nurses. (Med. Dir.)
  • Conduct in-service training for all staff for first aid, safety, and emergency response. (Med. Dir.)
  • Provide medical and first aid services for campers and staff alike.


1. Standing orders and drug administration:
  a. Have on file standing orders currently dated and signed by the camp physician.
  b. Do not make diagnoses due to legal implications.
  c. All drugs for minors must be in original containers with the pharmacy label naming the patient,   drug name, and the dosage (amount and frequency of administration).
  d. Records must be kept of all medications administered (name of patient, date and time).

2. Health Records:
  a. A completed, dated, signed health information and history form for every camper and staff member must be on file.
  b. A record of all accidents/illnesses must be kept in the nurse's logbook and on the camper's medical form.
  c. All medicines must also be checked in with the nurse upon arrival.
  d. Medicines must be kept in a locked cabinet/refrigerator/area.
  e. All accidents or illnesses of a camper must be communicated to the camp director.

  f. Accident/injury records must be kept. Legal investigations will look at whether or not:
     i. The activity/instrument/tool/treatment was appropriate for the child.
     ii. There was proper supervision available.
     iii. The parents were notified.
  g. Notify counselors of the following camper health concerns:
     i. What hours to come for medicine
     ii. Swimming restrictions
     iii. Anything pertaining to the camper's health

3. The Daily Routine:
  a. 7:00 Check on patients, if any
  b. 8: 15 Line call, camper inspection
  c. 8:30 Breakfast-- dispense medications, provide meal for patients
  d. 10:00 General duties-- care for patients, arrange for sick campers to see doctor, care for illnesses/injuries
  e. 1:15 Lunch-dispense medications, provide meal for patients
  f. 2:30 Rest hour
  g. 3:30 General duties-- Transfer notes from daily log to camper record, replenish supplies, and perform housekeeping tasks
  h. 6:15 Supper-dispense medications, provide meal for patients
  i. 8:15 Evening program/free time
  j. 9:00 Follow up on any injuries/illnesses
  k. 10:00 Free time/bed time

4. Camp Communications:
  a. Leave a note of nurse's location when not in the medical office area, with office staff.
  b. Have knowledge of emergency procedures including codes (black, yellow, blue, green).

5. At the end of the week/summer:
  a. Return individual campers medications weekly.
  b. Return health examination forms and accident reports to the office manager for filing.
  c. Sort and pack equipment and supplies, dispose of out-dated drugs; use checkout list of medicines and supplies annually.
  d. Evaluate supplies and report needs to camp director weekly and keep medical director informed.
  e. Be sure all nursing staff understands the procedures and lay-out of the medical office area.


  • Ability to drive patients to doctor/emergency treatment location, able to lift/assist campers or staff, evaluate medically all campers and staff, read prescriptions and health exams from physicians, dispense medications properly, ability to get to remote locations on camp property quickly, and to observe and assess unsanitary or unhealthy conditions of camp.