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Challenge Purpose

The #txyouthscarfchallenge was launched for purpose of increasing awareness in each of our communities of Club Ministries and the upcoming World Pathfinder Day programs happening at local churches all over the Texas Conference, and to help increase Adventurer, Pathfinder & Master Guide pride within our clubs.

Primary Challenge

The primary challenge is simply to go through your regular routines throughout the week while wearing your Adventurer, Pathfinder, and Master Guide scarf.

Bonus Challenges

Share a photo/video to your story wearing your scarf and explaining the challenge.

While wearing your scarf go for some exercise in your local park
(e.g. jog, workout, basketball, etc).

While wearing your scarf participate in a public activity with friends also wearing their scarfs.

While wearing your scarf pray with a non-adventist friend over their personal requests.

While wearing your scarf invite friends/family to World Pathfinder Day.

While wearing your scarf gift a Bible to a non-christian friend, family, or stranger.

While wearing your scarf enjoy and participate in an amazing Sabbath Worship experience courtesy of the World Pathfinder Day programming at your local church.

Challenge Prizes

Upload photos/videos to instagram either sharing testimonies or documenting yourself in the challenge.

Add the hashtags #txyouth and #txyouthscarfchallenge for a chance to be featured on our story AND to enter a txYouth giveaway with of a variety of Texas Youth & Young Adult merch.

Each story and post will count as an individual entry, winners will be chosen at random.


World Pathfinder Day